Howard Napper

Howard Napper is a wellbeing advocate, teacher, entrepreneur, writer and designer.  All these various routes help him to pursue his passion for finding ways to help people be inspired to take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing.

The past 20 years have seen Howard go from being one of the country’s most respected and innovative yoga teachers, to becoming a leading voice in the newest and fastest growing area of health - lifestyle medicine.

As a yoga teacher, Howard has amassed sales of over 3.5 million DVDs over 19 titles. His work has included collaborations with the likes of Kellogg’s Special K, Boots, GMTV, actress Glynis Barber and presenter Penny Smith. As well as appearing on a number of TV and radio shows, he also hosted his own yoga series on ITV 2 called “Total Yoga with Howard Napper”. 

He is a best selling author with “Intelligent Exercise with Pilates & Yoga”, as well as being a regular blogger and contributor to many leading health and fitness magazines. 

As well as producing an internationally successfully stress management app for the iPhone, Howard also established London’s first regular drop-in stress class that over the years has helped thousands of people find ways to understand and manage their stress.  

In early 2015 Howard gave an inspiring TEDx talk at Bournemouth University entitled “The Art of Lifestyle Medicine” in which he describes his extraordinary journey from a young fashion designer, leading a typical but unhealthy life, to becoming a respected and renowned health expert. In the talk he also explains his concept of “The 3 Pillars of Health and Wellbeing” that underpins much of his work. 

Howard is also chief product designer and creative director of agoy ltd, an international yoga product company that he founded in 2000.  Agoy is a brand leader that focuses on creating environmentally friendly yoga products and is responsible for producing some of the most iconic yoga products on the market.  

Howard is an active 56 year old, who enjoys his hobbies of tennis, marshal arts, cooking and brewing home-made kombucha. He mainly works out of West London where he lives with his wife and 2 children.